Nawarra with Mazaj.

( THEMED WORKSHOP ) - Links to Abdelkader's Melody Workshop ( Dance / Melody / Rhythm / Song )

This will mainly be an overview on main moves and combinations in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, we will expand our focus by covering the Berber and Touareg history.

Mazaj will be providing live musical accompaniment for the Tunisian Folk song: Sidi Mansour. Nawarra will teach traditional dance moves as well as teaching the lyrics and their meaning for singers and dancers to learn.

Very earthy and lots of fun guaranteed.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Maren Lueg



The Shikkatt or Moroccan Chaabi is a widely listened music genre enjoyed by Moroccans, it is often used to express people's political views and feelings via various groups. Danced in many different occasions, the dance requires different shoulder shimmies, and circles and some hair sways, an absolute joy and fun to do.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Maren Lueg



Modern pop Algerian Music Rai means "opinion" and is revolutionary music, both in its lyrics and the rhythm. Rai can contain elements of Jazz, drum machines and funky sounding guitars as well as authentic Arabic instruments. It is generally energetic.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Maren Lueg



Afro-Moroccan dance. New dance style reflecting some of the Hip-Hop moves with African moods.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Maren Lueg


Stephi Briggs with Elvin and Hazir.

( THEMED WORKSHOP ) - Links to Elvin's Drumming Workshop ( Dance / Rhythm )

'Shakti' is a collaborative piece by Elvin Herrick & Stephi Briggs. Elvin contacted Stephi last year to work with him in the development a new drum solo as he wanted to produce a piece with a dancers perspective. Stephi sent Elvin a draft layout of ideas & rhythms, Elvin then worked his magic. They then tweaked the song together resulting in an extremely danceable & really exciting track.

Shakti was performed by Stephi and Elvin with Hazir throughout the
Club Cairo Show tour last year (written, produced & directed by Carmen Jones), please see the video below.
Shakti is a fabulous, really fun and upbeat track to dance to. It’s highly varied with plenty of changes in rhythm & pace, accented sections and ample opportunities to show off some fabulous shimmies!
During the session, we will work through each section of the song to include a breakdown of rhythms and suggested dance movements with technique, rather than following a strict choreography. This will include:

  • Intro to the stage
  • Travelling steps
  • Turns
  • Accents & isolated moves
  • Shimmy variations
  • Finale

Towards the end of the session, we will bring all elements together and have a bash at dancing through the whole track, for a giant ‘Shakti’ mash up!

This workshop will be absolutely packed with information and will be a whole lot of fun! It’s an ideal opportunity to enjoy the experience of working with fabulous live musicians in a relaxed environment and to really grow in confidence with dancing to live drum solo.

LEVEL : Intermediate to Advanced Dancers.

Stephi Briggs


Sacha Tremain and Hazir, featuring Sevi.

( THEMED WORKSHOP ) - Links to Sevi's Singing Workshop ( Dance / Rhythm / Song )

Sacha worked with the Hazir Ensemble in 2015 and 2016 to teach some music and dance workshops in Bristol exploring some of the dances of the Ottoman Court, some popular and classic Turkish songs and the wonderfully challenging 9/8 Turkish rhythm (Docuz Sekiz).

Sacha was keen to showcase another 9/8 song other than the hugely popular
Rompi Rompi song, which they performed on the Club Cairo tour and which they taught a workshop in Bristol in 2016. Therefore, in this workshop, Sacha and Hazir will be introducing a new 9/8 song called Penceresi Yola Kars.
Firstly, we will start with getting to grips with the rhythm, exploring some of the basic Turkish 9/8 steps and gestures.

Then we will explore the nuances of this particular song by understanding the lyrics and meaning. There will be an opportunity to sing along, or just enjoy Sevi’s beautiful voice.

We will also get inside the rhythm by learning the basic Zill (finger cymbal) pattern for 9/8 and play along in sections of the song. If you have some Zills of your own, please do bring them with you – there will be a few pairs to borrow otherwise.

Finally, we will be learning some set combinations to dance to as well as have the opportunity to explore your own inner ‘Gypsy’ by improvising to the beautiful live music.

This workshop promises to be high energy, filled with attitude, immersively informative and most importantly fun. You will sweat lots, probably ache a bit afterwards (we will make sure you have a good stretch), but you will leave smiling and happy as you hum the tune and walk with an extra beat to your steps.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Sacha Tremain


Carmen Jones and Hazir.

This unique style combines Pharaonic Egyptian belly dance and Indian Katak dance with theatrical role play. Experience the ‘fun’ and ‘power’ you can have when channeling ‘ The Enchantress’ into your dance.

An exciting new experience that will take you to other realms. New techniques and new challenges !
Initially we will work with combinations of movements in order to understand and perfect technique. Working on the dynamics within this style is a key feature.
Movements will range from strong and statuesque to smooth and serpentine. A whole range of dance vocabulary carefully placed to create a powerful performance.

A few words about the Enchantress....... It's me as the evil enchantress 'Queen Labris', taken from last years Club Cairo tour.

Carmen Jones

I really enjoyed creating this character for our 'Julnah of the Sea' production. The costume, the choreography and the persona. A complete experience.
You can see the Enchantress in action dancing in the ' Julnah of the Sea ' showreel taken from our Club Cairo show below...

LEVEL : Open To Those With Previous Experience / Intermediate.



Angela Noble.

We will take a look at the basics of the Fat Chance Belly Dance format, with a variety of slow and fast moves as well as the principles of group improv. and formations used for leading and following. A little bit about the history and development of the style will be included along the way. You need no prior experience of the style to participate but those with ATS experience will have an opportunity to focus on refining level one technique.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Angela Noble


Michelle Pender.

Skirt combinations for the discerning dancer. Fun combos, for use with Tribal or Gypsy dance, please bring a full skirt.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Michelle Pender