Sevilay Ataseven Turlington and Hazir.

( THEMED WORKSHOP ) - Links to Turkish Roman Dance Workshop ( Song / Dance )

Sevilay will introduce several popular Turkish folk songs from the Balkans, different regions of Anatolia and possibly beyond.

She will teach the lyrics of "
Penceresi Yola Kars" a traditional Turkish song in 9/8 which is the song featured in Sacha Tremain's Turkish Roman Dance Workshop

Words and English phonetics will be provided. Sevilay will be translating the Turkish folk songs in to English. This is quite challenging as often they lose meaning in translation - can sound strange and funny in English.

Some wonderful musicians from Hazir Band will be playing the music to the songs, during her workshop.

If you have any percussion instruments such as drums, zills, spoons… please bring them if you want to.

The workshops will be suitable for everyone whether you have any musical background or not.

LEVEL : Open to all.

Sevi Turlington


Abdelkader Saadoun

( THEMED WORKSHOP ) - Links to Nawarra's Dance Workshop ( Dance / Melody / Song )

In this workshop Abdelkader will introduce some of the most popular songs from the Maghreb and teach the lyrics for singers to learn.

The songs covered will be "Abdel Kader" "Ya Rayah" and "Sidi Mansour"

Click on the tracks below to preview the songs:

LEVEL: Open To musicians who have a basic proficiency with their own instrument.

Abdelkader Saadoun

Ya Rayah

Abdel Kader

Ya Rayah

Original Version of "Ya Rayeh" with its lyrics (Closed Captions) as written and sang by Dahmane El Harrachi.



Maren Lueg.

( Maqam - Melodic Middle Eastern Scale. )

In this workshop Maren will introduce the popular Middle Eastern Music Scales in the traditional method of non verbal improvised oral transmission. She will teach the scales by firstly demonstrating them played on a the Arabic Ney flute. Then she will lead the group in vocalising the scales using simple syllables e.g "La". Students will be able to vocalise the micro-tones unique to Middle Eastern music by learning these Maqams. This is a relaxed and informal approach to learning to "hear" and vocalise the Maqams used in Middle Eastern melodies. So there are no fixed songs or lyrics to learn. However the aim is to gain an insight into Middle Eastern melody and the micro-tones unique to this style of music. Participants will also have the chance to expand their knowledge of vocal improvisation and ornamentation specific to the Middle East.

LEVEL : Open to all.

Maren Lueg


Bland Mahdi.

Bland will introduce a selection of popular Arabic and Kurdish songs. He will teach the lyrics and their meaning and play the melodies on Oud and Kemenche ( Spike Fiddle ) for participants to sing along to.

LEVEL : Open to all.

Bland Mahdi


Nawarra with Mazaj.

( THEMED WORKSHOP ) - Links to Abdelkader's Melody Workshop ( Dance / Melody / Song )

This will mainly be an overview on main moves and combinations in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, we will expand our focus by covering the Berber and Touareg history.

Mazal will be providing live musical accompaniment for the Tunisian Folk song: Sidi Mansour. Nawarra will teach traditional dance moves as well as teaching the lyrics and their meaning for singers and dancers to learn.

Very earthy and lots of fun guaranteed.

LEVEL : Open To All.

Maren Lueg