The MidEastFest is currently on hiatus due to the organisers other commitments, however we do intend to return when the time is right.

In the meantime we are delighted to announce the core team of MidEastFest will be at this years

We will be delivering drum & dance workshops each day with musical accompaniment from
Mazaj & Michelle will also be performing a full set on the opening night.

If you do not know about the
WORLD MUSIC WORKSHOP FESTIVAL ( formerly Drum Camp ) we can wholeheartedly recommend this tremendous event. It was the inspiration behind our own festival and has been delivering quality workshops and performances covering a plethora of styles from across the globe, for almost 25 years.

Check out

Here is a small clip from our performance at THE WORLD MUSIC WORKSHOP FESTIVAL in 2017:

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Our festival aims to bring together some of the UK’s best teachers and performers in Middle Eastern, Near Eastern, North African, Turkish and Persian; Music, Song and Dance to share their knowledge and entertain. In many of the workshops the components of music, song, rhythm and dance are studied separately at various levels to then be brought together later on. There are also stand-alone workshops and seminars and possibilities for advanced level personal tuition. The live music component is important to the ethos of this event and will feature in as many dance classes as possible. Every evening we are treated to performances from our teachers as well as guest performers for dancing or listening pleasure. We welcome all levels of dancers and musicians, from beginner to professional.
The Festival takes place at a spacious Community Centre near Bath, England with Workshop Marquees situated in the adjacent fields where participants can camp for the duration of the the 3 day event.

Photos from previous festivals:

Previous Debka Dance Workshop 2014.: Al Zaytouna.

Meal Times In Hall.

Workshops for 2017: Percussion Workshops.

Previous Performance 2013: by Helm.

Performance for 2017: Souk Bab El Louk

Performance for 2017: Mazaj with Carmen Jones

Workshops for 2017: Russell Harris - Oud Workshops.

Workshops for 2017 - Introduction to Arabic Percussion and Rhythms.

Previous Workshop 2014: Maren Lueg and Carmen Jones - Dance Workshop with Live Music.

Previous Evening Concert in 2010 - Mazaj with Bland Mahdi.

Spacious Campsite With Beautiful Views

Performance for 2017 - Mazaj.

Previous Baladi Melody Workshop 2011 - Maren Lueg, Sheik Taha and Guy Schalom

Previous Oud Workshop: 2010 - Bland Mahdi

Previous Introduction To Arabic Melody: 2010 - Maren Lueg and Bland Mahdi.

Previous Oud Workshop 2010 - Bland Mahdi

Outdoor Workshop Marquee.

Previous: Baladi Blues Reloaded 2011 - Guy Schalom, Sheik Taha and Maren Lueg

Workshops for 2017: Carmen Jones - Dance Workshops.

Previous Performance 2011: Debka Led By Shema.

Dancing To Souk Bab el Louk

Dancers In Hall

Previous Themed Baladi Workshop 2011 - Dance, Melody and Percussion Together