• Is This A Belly Dance Festival ?

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    No not really, we are aiming to represent and present Melody, Singing, Rhythm and Dance in equal measure. We aim to be holistic in our approach to celebrating and teaching about Middle Eastern, North African, Near Eastern, Persian etc. Music, Song and Dance. We are offering workshops for drummers, musicians and singers to learn more about the music as well as workshops for dancers who want to have the experience of dancing with live music, with teachers who have plenty of experience of this. We also are encouraging students to learn more about their specific interests ( say music ) and then get together with other students ( say dancers ) to put it all together.
    We also like the "outdoor" aspect of our festival, we like the camping / group dynamic at outdoor events. At night you are free to dance and make music around campfires ( not too loud though please - there are neighbours ). Rest assured we value everyones desire to have a good and peaceful nights sleep and there will be a curfew.
    Dancing to traditional live music is hopefully what dancers who are interested in these cultures would like to experience. We aim to present some of the U.K.s best players and teachers in these fields to share in their knowledge and we have indoor evenings entertainment every night.
    There is a strong representation of traditional dance formats like Circle Dance, Debke, Saiidi etc as well as Belly Dance. We want everyone who comes to the evenings entertainment to feel they can join in dancing. So we try to balance having dance performances with general dancing for all.

    Do check out our
    PAST EVENTS page where you will be able to see and hear some of what has gone before.

  • What Ticket Options Are Available ?

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    Adult - 18 years and above.

    - Includes Camping ( One Tent only ) all Workshops and Evening Concerts.

    - Just Workshops and Evening Concerts. No Camping.

    - Just Camping ( One Tent only ) and Evening Concerts. No Workshops.

    Youth - 8 years to 17 years old. )

    - Includes Camping ( One Tent only ) all Workshops and Evening Concerts.

    Just Workshops and Evening Concerts. No Camping.

    Just Camping ( One Tent only ) and Evening Concerts. No Workshops. - £20.00

    Entitles you to all workshops for Saturday OR Sunday ONLY.
    ( These tickets do NOT entitle you to a camping spot or evening performances)
    £40.00 ( Each day )

    Evening performance tickets available on the door.

    There is an additional charge of
    £15.00 for caravan or camper van camping tickets.

    There is an additional charge of
    £15.00 for any extra tent you want use. ( We are charged by the Centre owners for each tent and they count them every day )

    Please visit BOOKING to Register and Pay.

  • Are There Volunteer Places ?

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    We have a few spaces available for Volunteers at the Festival, so for approximately 3 - 5 hours work a day you can get a free ticket please CONTACT US if you want to enquire about volunteering.

  • How Can I Pay ?

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    You can pay by several means: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER or CHEQUE.

    Please note you need to fill in the
    REGISTRATION FORM first for any type of payment.

    Please make sure to fill in the
    How do I use Paypal ? - N.B. all you need is a Debit / Credit card - you do not need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal, instructions on how to use your card is given as part of the payment process. However Paypal add a 3.5% Tax to the total. To avoid these charges you may pay by Bank Transfer or send us a Cheque.

    Again please make sure to fill in the
    If you want to transfer funds to our account you may, but do check with your bank if they charge for this service, it is usually free. You will need our bank details so please contact us using the
    CONTACT US FORM to request these.

    Again please make sure to fill in the
    REGISTRATION FORM first, then if you are happy you have calculated the correct amount send us a cheque payable to:

    and send to
    57, Green Lane,
    N. Yorks.
    HG2 9LP

    If you are unsure about this or anything to do with paying
    contact us via the

    For telephone enquiries call

  • Do I / We Get A Ticket Sent To Us ?

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    No. You will not receive a ticket instead we will send you a special unique Booking Reference Number which you must remember to bring along to the Festival. Once you have arrived and told us the number/s, then we will issue you coloured wristbands which indicates what you have paid for.

  • What Is Your Refund / Cancellation Policy ?

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    REFUNDS - Sorry we don't as a general rule offer any refunds - IF your situation is extreme ( e.g. a death etc. ) we will consider making some sort of refund BUT AT OUR DISCRETION.

    In the unlikely event the festival has to be cancelled you will receive your full payment as a refund.

    We don't intend to but we reserve the right to change any teacher, workshop or performance any time up to and during the event. ( e.g. due to sickness etc. )

  • Do You Cater For Children ?

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    CHILDREN - we define as being aged: 0 - 8 years old. Children can come for free but do note if they have their own tent, you must buy an EXTRA TENT ticket ( £15.00 ) for them ( we are charged by the owners for each tent ).
    We do not have specific workshops for young children and we do not offer a creche or child-minding services. Parents are responsible for the supervision and care of their own children. Some workshop teachers MAY allow under 8’s to take part but in their workshop but that is completely at the discretion of the teacher on the day.

    YOUTH - we define as being aged: 8 - 17 years old. Youth tickets are available for 8 - 17 year olds.


  • Workshop Levels ?

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    We aim to provide a wide range of workshops which will accommodate all skill levels. Open To All should be self-explanatory - we try to offer as many workshops which are open to all but we also have workshops for those who have some experience. It is a near impossible thing to describe them in terms of being suitable for Intermediate, Improver, Advanced etc. as most people can not agree as to what these descriptions really mean. If you have specific questions regarding any workshop which is not OPEN TO ALL then you can CONTACT US or better still follow the links to the teacher taking the workshop ( see TEACHERS ) and contact them through their websites to ask them if they will teach at a level you want.

  • Do I Have To Bring An Instrument ?

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    That depends on the workshop - look at the detailed description at WORKSHOPS MELODY for information. Rhythm workshops will provide all drums but if you do have your own please bring it to the festival it will help with numbers and Chas can give you his opinion on your drum and how to improve it if need be.

  • When Can We Arrive / Leave ?

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    You can arrive any time after 2pm on Friday the 2nd of June. The first concert will start around 7.30pm in the evening on the Friday the 2nd of June, the last event will finish around midnight on the 4th of June and everyone must be offsite by the afternoon of the 5th of June.

  • Can I Bring A Live-In Vehicle ?

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    Yes you may - we have 3 large fields next to the Centre and you can park up in the field for Live In Vehicles ( Camper Vans, Caravans etc. )
    There is an additional charge of £15.00 for caravan or camper van camping tickets.
    N.B. you still need to purchase a FULL ticket to take part in workshops (
    ADULT CAMPING & CONCERTS ONLY TICKET is NOT enough ) We are charged by the Venue for every LIVE IN VEHICLE on site and this is much MORE than the tent charge which we are charged.


  • How Do I Camp ?

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    Yes indeed we have had many first time Campers at our previous events and if you are also considering Camping for the first time here are some things you may want to consider getting for the event.

    A TENT large enough for your requirements. N.B. if we are unlucky with the weather you may have to stay in your tent when the Hall and Marquee spaces are being used, so maybe get a "person" size bigger than you are. i.e if you are one person on your own, a 2-3 person tent is better than a one person tent - that is really just based on sleeping. Plus you will need to put your things somewhere. N.B. if you bring a second tent or more for storage then you have to pay £15.00 per extra tent because the Community Centre charge us by how many tents they count on the site and they do every day.
    SPARE PEGS if you lose some or bend them trying to get them into the ground.
    MALLET to knock those tent pegs in.
    A SLEEPING MAT / AIRBED - the floor is very flat and even at the site but some extra padding is always welcome. You will need a pump for any airbed but if you forget many other campers will have one and you may be able to borrow one. There are now self-inflating mats available to buy dispensing with any need to manually pump up airbeds.
    A PILLOW bring your favourite ones from home or buy an inflatable one.
    SLEEPING BAG / DUVET / BLANKETS - get a good sleeping bag or bring your favourite duvets, it is surprising how cold it can get at night even in Summer but enough bedding and you will be fine.
    SMALL CAMPING STOVE - You can get hot drinks through the day but at night it or first thing in the morning it is great to be able to heat up your own water for a brew. ( So bring a mug, tea, milk, etc. )
    TORCH - best ones are the head-torches ( for hands free fiddling around ! ) and / or lantern type ( for reading etc. )
    TOILETRIES - There will be toilet paper but best to have some spare in case there is none when you need it. There will be soap but ditto. There are showers on site so bring towels etc.
    CLOTHING PROTECTION - If you are not used to being outdoors all day / evening you may be surprised how easy it is to get sunburnt ( if sunny ) and cold / wet ( if raining ). Bring the right clothing for a range of temperature and precipitation ( don't believe any forecast !! ) Also sun protection - Long sleeves / trousers, hat etc. Waterproofs and changes of clothes.

    ( See you may need a bigger tent after all !! )

  • Will My Tent Be Next To My Car ?

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    That may not possible but the distance between the Car Park field and Camping is very short indeed. If you need assistance to carry items our Volunteers on the day will be happy to help anyone with physical difficulties.

  • How Do I Camp If I Am Coming From Abroad ?

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    In these exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide a few tents and bedding for a fee. This is at our discretion. Please use the CONTACT US FORM to ask about this.

  • Camping Alternatives ?

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    There are several B+B's in the location and if you want details click Timsbury Community Website. N.B you are responsible for the payment of any non-camping accommodation, it is not covered in any of our ticket prices. We also are not responsible for any B+B you book.

  • What About Catering ?

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    There will be On-Site catering - this year we have booked T.B.C. you will find full details about the menu at LOCATION

    If you have special dietary requirements we may NOT be able to provide exactly what you require, you may be better off bringing food items you require for your own self catering.

    If you wish to self cater there are some local amenities near the site. Please visit
    LOCATION for further details.

  • Can I Buy Things ?

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    Oh yes ! - Michelle Pender will have her amazing WHIRLING DERVISH stall there with many fantastic items from Egypt and Turkey - clothes, costumes, CD's drums etc.
    There will be a stall selling the bands and musicians CD's
    Chas will have a selection of his drums and percussion for sale - if you want anything particular brought down go to
    ARABIC DRUM and see if there is anything you want him to bring along. Just use the CONTACT US FORM to let him know.

  • Are There Any Healing Arts On Site ?

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  • Can I Come And Teach In The Future ?

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    We have many people lined up and in mind for future events already but we are always looking to meet new people who could be a part of any future event. The criteria for Dancers is that we are looking for dancers who have experience of teaching and dancing with live musicians and that ideally they are able to bring along the musicians they work with. Musicians must be good experienced players and more importantly be good teachers with excellent communication skills. If you think you fit the bill then drop us a line via the CONTACT US FORM

  • Can I Leave Some Feedback / Suggestions ?

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    Of course - we very much want to hear your ideas on how we can improve the event and what you would like to see. Use the CONTACT US FORM to let us know.