We offer workshops in Melody, Rhythm Dance and Singing. Some workshops follow a theme, indicated as ( THEMED WORKSHOP ) so the different components are studied separately and then finally brought together as a whole in a final workshop. Other workshops are stand alone workshops and all workshops are aimed at various levels which will be indicated in their detailed description. There will also be some seminars where our knowledgable teachers will share their experience on certain subjects. Here is some general information about the workshop, for detailed information on individual workshops click on the links.

Many of the workshops will take place in the Hall which is a large space and can accommodate larger groups. Others will take place in outdoor Marquees, we found dancing directly on the ground was better than trying to build outdoor dance floors.

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There are several types of melody workshops ranging from group Beginners level, to small Advanced level groups. Each individual workshop description will give more detailed advice on the content. Most workshops will require participants to bring their own instrument and to have a basic playing proficiency. Most melody workshops will be held outside but some will also take place in the Community Centre Hall.

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Please note that all drums and percussion are provided for these workshops and are free to use, you are very welcome to bring your own drums along to use. There will be a selection of Middle Eastern drums and percussion available to buy at the festival. If you want to see and try a drum before buying please check Chas' website to ask for a particular drum to be brought along to the Festival.
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Singing workshops will take place in an outdoor marquee. Lyrics and translations will be available at the workshops.
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